Meet Dr Valerio Vittone

Dr. Valerio Vittone | BSc (Hons) Biochem, PhD Medicine (SYD) | Specializing in DNA Testing and Personalized Nutrition

Academic and Research Credentials
Dr. Valerio Vittone has carved a distinct niche in the medical and scientific community with a dedicated focus on molecular virology and genetics. Graduating with a BSc Hons in Biochemistry from UNSW and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney in 2008, his work on cloning HSV fragments and pioneering new cloning techniques has been revolutionary in the study of virology.

Key Publications
With significant contributions to the field, Dr. Vittone’s research has been pivotal in understanding the structural interactions within the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1. His insightful findings have been published in renowned journals like J Virology, establishing him as a leading authority in his field.

International Recognition
Dr. Vittone’s innovative research won him the prestigious Australian Biochemistry Society Bio-Award in 2002, for his exemplary scientific presentation in Plant Bio-Chemistry.

Professional Endeavors
Beyond academia, Dr. Vittone leverages over two decades of experience in medical research, genetic consulting, and market strategizing for pharmaceutical giants, contributing to the development and marketing of breakthrough drugs and health products.

Industry and Technological Expertise
He has adeptly combined his scientific expertise with artificial intelligence to analyze genetic variants, enabling personalized patient care through cutting-edge nutrigenomic approaches. This has included spearheading AI-supported genetic analysis for conditions like Long COVID and its wide spectrum of comorbidities.

Collaborative Research and Consulting
Dr. Vittone’s role extends to collaborative efforts with physicians, providing targeted medical treatments based on DNA analysis. His work on the genetics of aging, neurocognitive disorders, and metabolic syndromes reflects his commitment to translating complex research into practical health solutions.

Insights on Long COVID Research
In response to the Long COVID pandemic, Dr. Vittone’s work has been integral in identifying genetic markers for associated comorbidities, offering groundbreaking insights into ME/CFS, neurocognitive disorders, cardiac complications, and endocrine dysfunctions.

Commitment to Healthy Aging
The research led by Dr. Vittone on inflammatory biomarkers and telomere dynamics contributes significantly to the understanding of aging and Long COVID, directing current and future therapeutic strategies.

Advances in Cancer Research
With a keen interest in the genetic underpinnings of cancer, Dr. Vittone’s current investigations focus on molecular markers for a range of cancer-related conditions, aiming to pioneer tailored holistic treatment approaches.

Vision and Personal Style
Dr. Vittone’s analytical and logical thinking, combined with a high level of integrity and a passion for innovation, make him a valued contributor to the scientific and medical communities. Fluent in English, Italian, and French, he bridges cultural and linguistic gaps in the global pursuit of health and wellness.